What Marketers Say: Take Part in Our Largest Research Project!

Every year all the GetResponse experts, analysts, and partners pause their ongoing projects and KPIs to listen to what marketers and business owners have to say. What challenges do we all face this year? What trends will dominate 2018? And most importantly, how can we help?

Every time, we spend around 10 weeks to collect thousands of answers and analyze terabytes of data to find out how email marketing and marketing automation shape the future for your business. And that’s the ultimate reason why you should take our survey and become a part of this monumental project. Plus, win a $100 Amazon gift card. 😉


The largest marketing research project in 2018

Last year, we surveyed more than 2500 marketers from 126 countries across 19 different industries. We analyzed over 2 billion customer emails. That’s a lot! The result? Together with Dave Chaffey, Kath Pay, and Robert Rose we created not one, but three different reports on the state of email marketing and marketing automation.

Our top Email Marketing & Beyond: Global Industry Benchmarks hit over 1500 unique downloads, while Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Excellence 2017 reached dozens of media quotes, serving as a benchmark for the latest trends in the industry.

What’s coming up this year? We’re thrilled to partner with Smart Insights for a complete research on email marketing, marketing automation and  – for the first time – your favorite, landing pages, too! With the help of Dave Chaffey, recognized as one of 50 marketing gurus worldwide who have shaped the future of marketing, in just a few weeks we’ll be ready to show you our key findings on Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Excellence 2018.


Why you should join our project and take the survey 

With your help we can beat the record from the previous year and create the largest marketing report in 2018, giving valuable feedback to thousands of marketers and business owners just like you. But that’s not all! We’ll make sure you’re the first to know when we publish the final report. So that you can learn and actually use the best practices and recommendations it includes.

Still not sure? Every participant will get a chance to win one of five $100 Amazon gift cards. So how about spending ten minutes to fill in the survey? We’re not starting without you!


What Marketers Say: Take Part in Our Largest Research Project

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