The Seven Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design [Webinar Recording]

A week before Halloween, we hosted a webinar with renowned conversion rate optimization (CRO) and digital marketing expert Tim Ash, who revealed the seven deadly sins of landing page design. Here’s a quick recap, with a few tips and a link to watch the webinar replay.

I bet you remember feeling accomplished after creating a landing page. You made a masterpiece, with all your products presented in your favorite fonts and colors. Right?

I hate to break to you, but there’s a fair chance your customers see your landing page differently. As Tim puts it, “You’re ignorant and blind”, which means we often live in a bubble and neglect speaking with our customers.

But as Tim says, “Reality is what happens when you interact with customers.”

So, be sure to stay in touch with your customers – and use their feedback to continue optimizing your online marketing.

Let’s dig into the webinar and take a look at the first 3 signs of frightening design to see if you’ve sinned!


1. Unclear call to action

Your subscribers should know what to do when they land on your site. A clear call to action is crucial for conversions. Do visitors know what they should do on your page?


Tip: Create your landing page with a clear call to action in mind – and remember every page has a purpose.


2. Too many choices

Is infinite choice a good idea? Actually, endless options kill. Don’t overwhelm with too many choices.

“Choice kills and murders all of your profits” – Tim Ash


Tip: Remove clutter and simplify choice (especially in ecommerce).


3. Asking for too much information

The longer the form, the lower the signup rate. So do you really need to ask for all that information? Will you use it to benefit your customers and business?


Tip: When designing a form, ask: what’s the minimum amount of information I need, to do what I need to do?


To see the final four deadly sins of landing page design, watch the webinar replay:


Do you have any more conversion sins to confess? Atone in the comments below!


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