Ready to Automate Your CRM Pipeline? Try Our New Automation Elements and Templates!

Marketing automation is excellent at helping you trigger messages and automate engagement tracking. CRM is all about optimizing the way you manage your interactions with prospects and customers. And you can now enjoy the power of marketing automation and the effectiveness of CRM combined through a new suite of GetResponse Marketing Automation CRM-specific elements and templates.


Five new elements, four new templates

The five new CRM elements in the marketing automation creator have been developed to help you automate specific functions of your CRM pipeline management.


1) Condition element: Added to a pipeline

With the CRM condition element, adding a contact on your list to a CRM pipeline can serve as the base for an entire scenario or workflow. Trigger a message or a series of messages, apply a tag, or use any other combination of actions based on a contact being added, or not added, to a specific pipeline.


crm added to pipeline


2) Action element: Add to pipeline

The “Add to pipeline” action allows you automatically add a contact from your list to a desired CRM pipeline and stage. Add a contact to a pipeline once they give you some indication of their sales-readiness. Maybe that means they’ve visited a particular page on your website, have scheduled a demo, clicked a specific link, or acquired a tag or score. It’s entirely up to you and your sales process for when you would like to add a contact to an individual pipeline automatically.


3) Action element: Move to stage

The next Action element, “Move to a pipeline stage,” will help you push your deals through the pipeline. You can automatically move a deal between stages in your pipeline – if they clicked a specific link in a message, scheduled a demo, visited a particular URL, completed a purchase, you name it!


4) Action element: Remove from a stage

From time to time you may see a need to remove a deal from a stage in your pipeline. Maybe the deal was added in error, or it turns out the contact wasn’t sales-qualified. This element allows you to automatically remove a CRM deal if they’ve not met some condition.


crm action elements


5) Filter element: If in stage

Marketing automation filters are all about finely tuned precision in your targeting. Using the CRM “stage” filter element, you can target contacts in a specific pipeline stage or choose to exclude those deals that are at a particular stage using the filter.


To help you get going, we’ve also prepared four automation workflow templates to complement the elements.


crm automation workflow templates


1) Add contacts to CRM pipeline

This template will add contacts to the desired pipeline based on specific conditions: if they have a certain tag, have subscribed from a particular source, or have visited a critical page on your website. You can add or remove any elements to the templates. It also applies a tag to the contact to make segmentation and targeting deals in your pipeline even easier.


2) Automate CRM pipeline management

Automate your CRM pipeline from start to finish with this template. It’s based on an assumption of a three-stage pipeline and helps you push a deal through the stages based on their engagement with your sales offers. It also applies a tag when a deal hasn’t progressed so that you can engage them with a personal reach out.


3) Confirm CRM deal qualification

We all know by now the importance of sound cooperation between the sales and marketing teams. The sales team relies on the marketing team to gather and warm up potential sales and pass them to the sales team to close the deal.

But it’s only natural that from time to time a marketing lead gets passed on to sales before they’re ready. Using this template, you can customize the criteria that will allow you to double check that a deal has all of the necessary custom fields or details when they’re added to the pipeline before moving them forward. If they don’t have the required information, they’ll be removed from the pipeline and passed back to marketing.


4) Remove CRM deal from a marketing list

On the flip side of that coin, once a contact has been confirmed as being ready for sales and is progressing through your pipeline, it’s a good idea to help minimize the additional, and likely unnecessary, bulk marketing emails that are going out trying to warm up marketing leads. This template will help you remove your CRM deals from marketing lists automatically while they are progressing through your sales pipeline.


Ready to see these elements and templates in action? Check out our video use case that shows how our sample ecommerce shop, The Chocolate Monster, is putting the CRM elements and templates to work when trying out a new large-order catering service.




Want to learn more? You’re in luck! We’ve got a dedicated Help space with an in-depth explanation of every marketing automation element and template with tutorial videos to help you put them to work for you.


Over to you!

Are you using CRM and marketing automation yet? What are some of your ideas for automating some processes of your CRM pipeline management? Let us know in the comments below!



Automate Your CRM Pipeline – Try Our New Automation Elements and Templates!

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