Landing Page Experts: Our New Facebook Group

We have something new for you landing page experts!

We’ve just launched a Facebook group for anyone interested in landing page optimization. Our goal is to create a place where each and every one of you can find help, and share your experience in the design and optimization of landing pages.


Why a Facebook Group?

Put simply, we wanted to join you someplace you’re already spending time – Facebook. Facebook groups offer a ton of helpful features that will us help you learn to optimize your landing page better (live video, polls, etc). Helping you is our main goal with the group, and to do that we need to get to know each other better. You’ll be able to meet us, some of the people working behind the scenes at GetResponse, and you’ll meet others who use GetResponse for their marketing. We hope that you’ll start to make connections in the group, ask your questions, and help with other members’ questions and struggles. We’re all in this together!

By joining the group, you will gain access to GetResponse experts. Passing our knowledge to you is the main goal here, but it is just as important to us that group members start to share their experiences and help their fellow members. We know that many of you are fascinated by growth marketing, just like we are. So, remember that goodness you share will get come to you.  😉

To do our part, we’ll provide you with a lot of interesting content about landing page design, creation, management, and optimization, so you can build the best landing pages possible. We are also preparing something very special for you.

Landing page teardowns

That something special is a landing page teardown series! It’ll be a series of Facebook Live events where you can submit your landing page for our experts to critique. They will tell and show how to improve your pages to skyrocket your conversions.

Besides these live events, you will also find lots of tips, resources, blog posts, video content, infographics and much more.

If you have a question, or you are struggling with something feel free to ask a question in the group. That’s why we created it – to give you a resource full of people to help you with your struggles, and who you can help in return.


Interested in joining the group?

Yes, you can find us on Facebook — come check out our Landing Page Experts group!

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