Getting Started with Ecommerce Communication [Webinar Recording]

Do you sell your products or services online? Or perhaps you’re thinking of starting your own ecommerce business? Whatever the case, you’ll want to know how to drive repeat sales through your marketing communication.

Together with Irek Klimczak, Content Marketing Expert at GetResponse, we met up for an online webinar to discuss the most critical aspects of ecommerce communication.

If you’ve missed the webinar or would simply like to re-watch it – we’ve got you covered. Scroll down to see the video recording and slide-deck we used during the presentation.


What we discussed

At the beginning of this webinar, we shared some of the latest product updates.

These were:

  • integration with Magento 9 and 2.x
  • integration with PrestaShop
  • new Product Recommendations module in the Email Creator
  • upcoming integration with WooCommerce


You can find more information about how to use them in our Help Center:

  1. How can I connect my online store to GetResponse?
  2. How do I send product recommendations to customers?


After revealing the latest product updates, we went straight to the main topic of our presentation, i.e., how to communicate effectively as an ecommerce business.

Our first recommendation was to build an engaged email list.

Why? Because running email marketing campaigns to your mailing list brings real results. And emails aren’t owned by anyone, so you don’t have to worry about limited organic reach like with the recent Facebook NewsFeed update or Google Ad Layout change.

So how do you build a powerful ecommerce email list?

You have to:

  • define your target audience and focus on quality traffic.
  • Improve your SEO.
  • Drive traffic with paid ads.
  • Create high-converting web forms and landing pages.

As inspiration, we took a closer look at the marketing communication used by Happy Socks, an online retailer from Sweden.

Below you can see one of their blog articles that helps them rank better for keywords related to socks, their core product. You can also see their product page, explaining how they partnered up with the Beatles to come up with their new product line.


Ecommerce Communication Happy Socks


Ecommerce Communication Happy Socks 2


Ecommerce Communication Happy Socks 3


Once you’ve got your email list building processes in place, you should focus on onboarding your new leads.

For two main reasons:

  • Converting your new prospects into paying customers.
  • Turning new customers into repeat buyers.

To show you how to run an effective onboarding campaign, we showed the example of an ecommerce business named Casper. Below you can see the different elements included in their welcome emails.


Casper Ecommere Communication Onboarding


Casper Ecommere Communication Onboarding 2


Casper Ecommere Communication Onboarding 3


Casper Ecommere Communication Onboarding 4



Afterward, Irek talked about the several of the critical types of campaigns that will help you build customer loyalty.


These included:

  • post-purchase follow-ups
  • upselling
  • cart abandonment
  • win-back


He’s explained the importance of every element of the presented workflows and showed how you can build them yourself using the recently launched automation templates.

So if you’re interested in learning more about running effective ecommerce communication, just watch the webinar recap below and visit our Resource Center. Whether you like to learn by reading ebooks, watching videos, or following email courses – you’ll find something for yourself there.



Getting Started with Ecommerce Communication

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