Urge Landing Page Visitors to Buy with a Countdown Timer

I’m excited to share the latest improvement to the GetResponse landing pages that will help you get more conversions by creating a sense of urgency. Add a countdown timer and let your prospects know how much time they have until your offer expires.


We know that the average attention span of a visitor is now down to 8 seconds. That’s why you should design each of your landing pages to capture as much attention as possible.

Today, online marketers use countless persuasive tactics based on human psychology to claim the attention of their visitors and convert them into customers.



I’m sure you’ve seen the phrase “limited availability” used by many businesses. That’s because when something’s running out people tend to think it’s more valuable. In other words, the value of a product can dramatically increase if the quantity’s limited.

Booking.com are masters of using scarcity to influence buying decisions. Just go ahead and search for a hotel room – and see the results for yourself.


Booking example


Loss aversion

People naturally tend to avoid losing things. Especially if those are the things they’re attached to or want to have. Marketers use this sometimes and present their offers not as something you could gain, but rather as something you could lose forever if you don’t act immediately.


Hypeddit example



A clock is the symbol of the passing of time. Besides being used in its usual context (e.g. sports games), countdown timers can be super useful to create a sense of urgency, which in the end can bring more conversions and revenue. In fact, research shows that counters indicating urgency and scarcity can increase sales by up to 30%. That’s why all the major ecommerce businesses use them often to boost their revenue, especially during the sales season.




Now it’s time for you to add this powerful tool to your arsenal and bring in more conversions for your business.


How to use countdown timers in landing pages

Just drag and drop the timer icon from the toolbar on the right to start.


pick the time


Select a date when your countdown timer will stop running. You can also optimize the time zone to based on your location.

Then – click “save”.

Make sure you choose the right spot for your countdown timer so people can see it right after they land on your page.

You can double click on the blocks within the countdown timer to change the color.


Change Color countdown


Click on the numbers to format the text or change the font.


increase size countdown


You can also customize the labels under the timer blocks. As an example, you can translate the labels to your own language.


How to use countdown timers for your business

One-time offers

Do you have a one-time offer that’s only available within a specific timeframe? Then countdown timers could be the perfect way to convince your visitors to buy.

You can use them to promote your ebook or an online course, a seasonal sale, or a discount on your B2B services.

Place them somewhere close to the headline. Have a look at the example below.


end of summer sale


Webinar invitation pages

Webinars can also benefit from this useful tool – as they’re all set to happen at a specified time. The example below shows how you can use countdown timers encourage visitors to sign up.


Personal brand


Event promotion

You can also add countdown timers to event registration pages. Event organizers often use countdown timers to promote early-bird tickets and other ticket price reductions.

Have a look at the example below to see how you can use countdown timers on your event promo page.


Event promo


Finally, if you haven’t used a countdown timer before and want to know how it would perform, you can run an A/B test and add a timer to your variation. I’m almost sure you won’t be surprised by the results you’ll get.


So, go ahead and use countdown timers to squeeze more conversions out of your landing pages.



Urge Landing Page Visitors to Buy with a Countdown Timer

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