My secret weapon for adding up to 10,000 subscribers in 90 days!

My secret weapon for adding up to 10,000 subscribers in 90 days.

List Building Program in 90 days

Ever wonder how to boost your email list? Well, I was also wondering about that in recent months, until I came across the GetResponse List Building Program — a complete email marketing course. This progam helps me increase my email list every day, which has a direct impact on my sales.

List Building Program

I wouldn’t bother you if this was not one of the most effective list-building courses I’ve ever tried. And believe me — I’ve tried quite a few. I did the research to find out whether it was just another online tutorial or just hype, and I can truly say that GetResponse is the first email marketing company to provide a real know-how on boosting email lists.

This course covers everything you need in order to grow a list by up to 10,000 subscribers in as little as 90 days. The best part is that the program is available free to GetResponse customers, even free-trial accounts that have less than 10,000 subscribers.

You can choose from two program schedules: the 90-day fast-track program or the 180-day standard program. I chose the 90-day course because I am focused on fast results. It takes three hours per day, but I tell you, it’s worth it. If your schedule is too busy, you can always try the 180-day standard program.

You’ll notice each session consists of a video tutorial, presentation, and article. These lessons are available every 24 hours except the weekends, so you aren’t overloaded with too much materials.

Now, here’s the fun part. When you successfully complete the course, you will receive the GetResponse University Certificate of Performance. Now this is a great thing to add to your resume.

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