Be a Millionaire Day – 14 Articles to Inspire You Today

“How to become a millionaire?” you ask. Some may say “earn ten million and spend nine.” It’s probably not the best advice you can get.

There are many ways you can become a millionaire, but today, while celebrating the National Be a Millionaire Day, you can simply start focusing on improvement, and then the millions will come.

GetResponse is always there to help with growing your business and improving your marketing. Today, I’ve created a list of our (somewhat unusual) articles that will help you save money, and inspire you to strive for success:


4 Weird Habits of Ridiculously Productive People

In this article, you’ll find out what’s the link between the opera composer Rossini and accountability partners, or how to minimize the time spent on unproductive meetings by standing up and holding a medicine ball. Also, learn how to optimize your to-do list, sorting it by energy level. Becoming a “ridiculously productive person” is way easier than you think.


6 Habits that Make Successful People Different

Do you ever think that the only possible way to become a millionaire is to win a lottery? Well, “the rich and famous” beg to differ. Find out why successful people don’t believe in gambling, don’t watch reality TV, and rarely read for pleasure. And why, on your journey to success, even your breathing matters.


9 Time & Money Saving Tools for Online Solopreneurs

Reaching your business goals becomes practically impossible if you neglect rational budgeting and efficient time managing. If you’re a freelancer solopreneur in the online environment, you know it might become increasingly difficult over time. That’s why you should check out this list of apps that help you save time, money, and keep your project efficiency. See which apps fit your needs and will make your life easier :).


Top 10 Books on Success Mindset Every Solopreneur Should Read & Top 10 Books on Persuasion Every Solopreneur Should Read

If you need a more psychological approach to self-improvement, these two lists are definitely for you.

Read the first ten books to find motivation, change your habits, overcome fear. Learn the importance of a checklist, why your talent alone isn’t enough, and master the art of quitting. Once you set your mind on success, you’ll reach your goals in no time.

And why is persuasion important? When you’ve changed your own mindset, you should start influencing other people. Understand how people make decisions. Get your ideas noticed. Become fascinating. Find out why “marketing is about spreading the love.” All that and more in ten really enjoyable books.


9 Excuses that Keep You from Getting a Paid Client

Are you afraid of monetizing your skills? What is stopping you from charging people for services they would definitely pay somebody else for? Do you fear you won’t deliver on your promises? Are you sure your audience will not accept “high rates” and then ask for refunds? Do you think you suck at sales? Well, after you answer these questions, let this article solve your problems. Get rid of your excuses – help other people and they’ll be happy to pay for your time and expertise.




Keep your WordPress Site from Bleeding Money

Don’t risk losing money with your business’ WordPress website! Convert your visitors into paying customers. This article will teach you all the things you need to do to manage a profitable site and keep your customers coming back – from increasing security and improving site speed to tracking the results.


6 Success Factors for Ecommerce Business Strategy

As the author of this article says, getting into ecommerce can be the foundation of a profitable company or a significant step towards growing your existing business. Either way, you should know the basic factors contributing to a successful ecommerce business strategy. Whether it’s making the right first impression or securing your shipment – these actions aren’t that hard to do. And this is the best time to hop on the ecommerce bandwagon if you haven’t already.


Turn Customers into Advocates with Email Marketing

Email marketing can do wonders, we all know it by now. But did you know that if you do it right, you can turn your loyal customers into your brand’s advocates? Nurture your customers with your emails and encourage them to promote your brand. Then, you’ll see your ROI grow beyond measure. This guide has all the actionable tips you need.


How to Become an Affiliate Marketing Superhero – Infographic

Affiliate marketing programs can bring you a steady income even if you’re away from the screen. It’s an easy-to-track, low-risk, cost-effective opportunity for you and your business. All it takes to become an Affiliate Marketing Superhero is understanding how it works – and this infographic is here to help. It will show you how affiliate marketing began, what are the benefits of it and the steps you’ll need to take. It’s easy!


Email Re-Activation Strategies that Will Save You Money

Some customers that subscribed to your list will lose interest and stop opening your emails. That doesn’t necessarily mean losing money – just be ready to re-activate them. Here, you’ll find some great strategies to make your subscribers engage with your brand again, and a LOT of inspiring ideas for subject lines. You can win these customers back and save the dollars you were about to spend on wooing new subscribers.




How to Run Instagram Ad Campaigns on a Budget

If you identified Instagram as the best platform to promote your business, and you dread the costs that it will bring – dread no more. This article will show you how to make the most of your promotion. You’ll also see how to advertise based on your goal, how to include a call-to-action, what shoppable tags are and how to use them in collaboration with an influencer.


You Need a Strategy: Podcast with Dr. Dave Chaffey

Together with SmartInsights, we’ve created a global benchmarking research to make email marketing and marketing automation work harder for you. In our report, you can find many surprising findings and compare respondents’ marketing behavior to your own. Also, you can listen to our podcast, where Dr. Dave Chaffey and Michał Leszczyński talk about the key findings of this report and why strategy is crucial for growth.


5 Inspiring Quotes on Hustle from Business Leaders

Last but not least, here are five quotes from business leaders that prove hard work is all you need, and you need it now. There’s no substitute! Add commitment to your ideas, and your dreams of becoming a self-made millionaire will become your reality sooner than you expect :).



Tell us about your inspiration to be successful! Do you have any unusual tips and tricks to grow your revenue? Let us know in the comments below 🙂


Be a Millionaire Day – 14 Articles to Inspire You Today

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