5 Top Tips For Marketing During Ramadan

Like Christmas, Ramadan has become an increasingly popular shopping season. And that means marketers need to devise strategies to market during the Islamic holiday.

This year’s Ramadan – which is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar – started on Tuesday May 15 and ends on the evening of Thursday June 14. During this time Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, practice self-discipline and charity, and avoid things like cursing and lying. At sundown, they enjoy lavish dinners with family – and go shopping for gifts.

How can you make the most of the Ramadan shopping season? Consider these tips to boost your marketing campaigns:


1. Start early

Planning to run a promotion for Ramadan? Start your campaign as soon as possible. You can prepare and schedule your marketing messages now, then use automation to trigger emails when certain conditions are met. This saves time and resources, and can also bring you a higher ROI and better customer engagement. See how marketing automation can benefit your business.


2. Be Ramadan-relevant

Searches for deals and discounts soar during Ramadan season*, so be sure to tailor your content to customers who observe the holiday. For instance, you could push products such as religious attire or gifts. The peak purchase periods are one week before and one week after Ramadan, so it’s a good idea to target your offers at these times.


Image: Example newsletter from food delivery service, Cooked

Image: Example newsletter from food delivery service, Cooked


3. Go mobile

There are 4.84 times more mobile phone calls made during Ramadan, compared to other months.** So make sure your campaign channels – like emails and landing pages – are mobile-responsive. That way, your customers will have a seamless experience browsing and buying your products or services.

Social media is another great tool to push content, since apps are so widely used and available. Experiment with Facebook advertising, and remember to optimize your ads for mobile. You can get started with our 500+ mobile-responsive templates.


4. Reach people at the right time

Since Muslims don’t take their usual lunch break during Ramadan, you’ll need to think more carefully about when to send offers. For instance, if you run an F&B business, you could send

promotional content two hours before breakfast to attract more customers. Then wait until they break their fast (from around 9pm) before sending your next food-related reminder.

With the GetResponse email editor, you can schedule newsletters ahead of time. So they’ll go out even if you forget!


Image: GetResponse Scheduling Feature

Image: GetResponse Scheduling Feature


5. Be respectful

As with all religious holidays, remember to be culturally sensitive to avoid offending anyone who celebrates Ramadan. For instance, it’s not a good idea to send food-related content during fasting hours, or promote partying and drinking alcohol throughout the holiday. Keep your content relevant and respectful at all times.


Image: Example newsletter from point-to-point delivery service, GoGet

Image: Example newsletter from point-to-point delivery service, GoGet


We hope these tips help you build a successful marketing campaign during Ramadan, and add more quality leads to your list. Happy marketing!   



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** Khaleej Times, 2017


5 Top Tips For Marketing During Ramadan

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